How To Choose A Meat Grinder

A meat grinder is not such a common piece of device you may find in a kitchen, however, these are incredibly useful for food preparation tasks. So naturally the question comes how to choose a meat grinder that will be reliable and high quality.

While choosing a meat grinder you will have to go through how to choose a meat grinder several aspects including your requirement, budget, feature, and construction. Luckily in this guide, we have covered several crucial factors that should have in the best meat grinder to ensure a reliable and quality service for a long. So let’s have a look!

Feature to check while buying a meat grinder

Power Source

The first thing to consider while choosing the best meat grinder is to check the power supply. It’s a crucial feature that not only influences other factors but can remove the other features and models. Considering power source, a home meat grinder is two types including manual and electric.

Choosing between these two will decide whether or not you are going to save your cost, space, effort, and time. The manual grinders are smaller and a bit inexpensive, but they will cost you more effort. On the other hand, the electric grinder comes in bigger and costs more than the manual, but it is e4ffprthless and simple to run. After choosing one of them you can start looking at the other specification and specific details of each model.


Like any other kitchen gadget, you should ensure that the model you will choose will last for long and can endure extreme usage. Most of the manual meat grinder comes in molded plastic bodies since these are cheaper. But they are still durable and can keep the body together.

Electric models, on the other hand, may also make of plastic bodies but most of them constructed with typically sturdier metal frames. To ensure the ultimate level of strength you should go for a meat grinder with a cast aluminum body. It’s a commercial-grade metal and it can withstand lots of heavy usages.

Cutting blade

The cutting blade is another vital consideration while choosing the best meat grinder. This component especially controls the meat cutting ability and offers ground meats and vegetables. A model with stainless steel cutting blades will be a more acceptable option, as it is very reliable and strong.

At the same time, it can maintain a solid level of sharpness eventually. Since Stainless steel is rust-resistant thus the blade will look clean and sanitation over time and reduce the maintenance work.

Prioritize Ease of Use

This consideration is more about individual comfort level instead of the specific performance of the meat grinder. However many people avoid this option but it is quite important, especially for the chef who is going to using it with any kind of noticeable frequency.

Besides it play a big role between manual and electric meat grinder there is a huge difference in ease of use. In short, if you find the grinder difficult to use, you’re less likely to use it. And then probably you are going to end up wasting money and time.


Though many users don’t like to clean up the grinder after a few hours in the kitchen, cleanliness and proper sanitation are seriously important especially after grinding food. A meat grinder is such home appliances that require the most attention and care while cleaning up.

As you are working with raw meat, leaving anything behind on the meat grinder can cause a build-up of bacteria or mold. Then it can be mixed with other food during the next use. Thus the whole family can get sick. Once again a stainless steel blade is the first choice to prevent the situation. Even you can choose the model that lets the blade and plate remove and help clean easily.


Everybody loves to have a few extra goodies with a purchase. Luckily, many kitchen appliances offer some fascinating and useful accessories around. A meat grinder is one of them. While choosing a grinder, the first accessories that should be checked are additional grinding plates. It will greatly allow the user to the coarseness of the meat that he will grind. Some models not only offer two plates but something more to feel the customer great buy.

Many meat grinders offer sausage-making attachments so the cook can serve the meat with sausage. Even you may have sausage making attachments with different diameters to cook different sized sausages. Other accessories you may have a pasta maker attachment, a kubbe attachment, a food pusher, an auger, or additional cutting blades.

Consider the Available Space

Consider your kitchen’s available free space before buying a new appliance like a meat grinder. It will help you fit the grinder comfortably. For some people, it may be about the available counter space so they can frequently use it. On the other hand, if you don’t want to use the grinder regularly then you should have room in the cabinet or pantry for the grinder.  As we mentioned earlier, Manual grinders are taken less space than electric models. So it can be a great option for the people who have short space.

Final words

In the end, choosing the best meat grinder is all about finding a kitchen appliance that will make your life easier. The reason is you want an easy and small gadget that lets you make a few hamburger patties or pasta. Besides, it’s a powerful tool that will help you prepare bulk effortlessly. So if you still planning how to choose a meat grinder, just follow the above mention process to ensure the worth of investment.

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