How To Clean Rust Off Meat Grinder[Tips & Tricks]

a meat grinder can cause rust due to a lack of proper maintenance and storage. Cleaning the meat grinder regularly can keep its functionally and productivity. But removing rust is completerly a different task as it needs some special treatment. So learning how to rust off a meat grinder can be a smart decision to conquer the task effectively and effortlessly.
Thus following the guide will let you learn plenty of ways to remove rust from the meat grinder as well as some crucial tips to maintain it properly.

How to clean rust off meat grinder

There are lots of straightforward and effective ways to clean rust off meat grinders and enjoy healthy grinding meat. Following the section we will reveal some effective essentials and the way to apply them to remove rust from the meat grinder completely:

Cherry-kool aid

There is some rust remover like Cherry-kool aid that helps remove rust from the meat grinder. The removing process is also easier as mix the chemical way without sugar. Then disassemble the meat grinder part and soak the rusty parts into the mixer for the night. Retrieve them the next day and you will notice the rust is dropping down. Then clean the meat grinder and store it properly.


You can use a brush to remove the loose rust from the meat grinder. This method will be effective if the rust doesn’t eat much into the metal parts of the meat grinder. After removing the rust with a brush, grind some fatty meat. To keep the grinder from rusting, carefully clean it after use and use some vegetable oil on the grinder and store it.


Firstly disassemble the meat grinder and soak the rusting parts in vinegar. The time of operation can vary considering the degree of rusting. After that, retrieve the parts and clean them using a brush with stiff bristles. Still, if you find a bit rough spot, scrub them using a stainless steel brush. Then soak them for a few minutes in a solution of baking soda. You can use hot water maintaining a 2:1 ratio to get a better result.
Then wash the entire parts carefully and cover the rust holes by applying some warm coconut oil.

Barkeeper’s friend

If you need to restore the shiny look of a meat grinder after removing its rust, then apply Barkeeper’s friend. After completing the task, remove the chemical using water and finally get the meat grinder before store it.

Saltine crackers

After grinding meat, put some saltine cracker into the meat grinder and start the meat grinder again. It also called a soda cracker that effectively helps remove rust from the grinder.

Dawn soap

A combination of hot water and dawn soap is highly effective for rust removal from the meat grinder. Despite this soap can be used for removing animal fat and grease while commonly used for dishwashing.

Eucalyptus oil

The last recommended method to remove rust from the grinder is using Eucalyptus oil. Firstly remove bits of meat from the meat grinder using a brush. After disassembling the grinders parts spray eucalyptus oil on them. Wait for a moment to let the part soak in the oil. Then clean them with soapy water before applying clean water for the final wash. Finally, dry all the grinder parts completely and reassemble them for further use or storage.

How to remove rust from the disc

Usually, most of the meat grinder includes flat discs with holes to extrude meat. These discs can easily cause rust without cleaning properly after use. in case if your disc cause rust, simply follows this process to remove them entirely:
Firstly wear our hand gloves and disassemble the grinder. If there are large bits of meat off the disc then remove these using a putty knife. Then spray some vegetable oil on the disc and scrub the disc using a stiff wire brush. Make sure you are following circular motion applying proper force to the rust can remove without causing damage to the disc.
Again apply some oil on the disc surface and scrub into the small hole using a small file. You can use a needle file for having a better result as it can clean the tiniest hole on the disc surface. After that clean the disk using soapy water and let it dry completely. Finally, store it in a bag with some rice to keep it from rust for a longer time.

Regular Cleaning and Proper Storage are vital for keeping the grinder from rust

To keep the meat grinder from rusting, don’t scare to clean the grinder straight after using it. Allowing the raw meat to stay in the grinder for long can increases the chance of rusting. Even it can cause poisoning.
Another crucial maintenance task is to store the meat grinder properly. Exposing the meat grinder to air and moisture causes rusting even in the clean grinder. Thus it is recommended to wipe some mineral oil on both sides of the grinder before storing. Instead of oiling, storing the grinder in a freeze can be a good alternative if the freeze has extra space for the grinder.

Final words

Buying a meat grinder costs pretty good money and it is always in contact with meat and other vegetables. Sp lack of proper maintenance can easily cause rust to the investment and reduce its longevity as well as make it unhealthy. So learning how to clean a rust-off meat grinder is quite vital for maintaining its longevity and enjoy healthy grinding meat every time you use it. throughout the guide, we have mentioned plenty of essential and their applying process that are highly effective for removing rust from the meat grinder. Apply any of the processes that suit you most to enjoy a healthy and rust-free meat grinder.

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