How to sharpen meat grinder blades

The meat grinder blade can get dull over time since it gets direct contact with the meat and food to grind them. So sharpening is a common maintenance task to ensure better performance of the meat grinder. Thus learning how to sharpen meat grinder blades is essential.
During Sharpening, meat grinder blades need to disable the grinder and clean it. So it will be a bonus for the chef to enjoy a clean and sharp meat grinder at the same time.
Luckily we will reveal 3 effective and easier methods to sharpen meat grinder blades so you can apply the most suitable one. However, each of the methods is safe, quicker, and able to offer smoothly sharp blades.

What Components Need Sharpening?

A meat grinder is made of complicated design. So taking any step with correct knowledge can cause serious damage to both the user and the machine. If you have ever operated a meat grinder, hopefully, you have the basic knowledge of it. Usually, two parts of the meat grinder need to sharpen:

meat grinder blade

meat grinder blade

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meat grinder plate

meat grinder plate

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How to disassemble a meat grinder?

To sharpen the blade you will have to disassemble the meat grinder first. So learning the proper process is essential for maintaining the meat grinder properly without damaging any parts.
To disassemble the meat grinder firstly, take a compatible fastener with the meat grinder as it is needed to remove the blade. Make sure you have identified the order in which the blade is attached. It will help you reassemble the blade correctly. If the blade doesn’t have any number then mark them with different numbers so you can identify them later. Once removing the blade clean it with a wet cloth before sharpening.
How to sharpen meat grinder blades – 3 easier and quicker methods
You can sharpen the meat grinder blades in plenty of conventional ways. But apply the process that suits the components and you feel comfortable.

Using Sandpaper

Require accessories

A 12×12” mirror or glass sheet

Nose pliers


Safety workman gloves

600 and 120 grit sandpaper

Scrape paper


Get ready the Working Place

Pick a flawless glass sheet and place it on a completely level surface. Now take a small cloth and wet it using water and wipe the glass surface using it. Don’t make the glass excessively damp. Put 120 grit sandpaper on the wet glass and you will find the water sticking to the paper.
Main process
Firstly wear the workman’s gloves to prevent any accident and get a firmer grip. Now check the blade slicing a piece of paper to ensure the bluntness of the blades and measuring the probable time need to sharpen. Now set the blade at a 45-degree angle to the sandpaper and start pushing it. Try to maintain figure-eight motion on the surface of the sandpaper to sharpen the blade uniformly. Continue the process until you get the desired sharpness, however, it takes around 10 minutes to sharpen. Once you sharpen the blade, wipe out the particle from the blade using a damp cloth.
If you need to sharpen the blade more smoothly, then use 600 grit sandpaper rather than 120 grit and cut the piece based on the size of the glass sheet. Then repeat the whole method properly.
Wash the blade and check it
Once finishing the process, clean the blade with lukewarm water to remove excess particles. Then dry out the blade and place it back in the meat grinder. Now power on the meat grinder and try to grind a scrap paper to compare its sharpness with the previous method. Even you can grind the meat to check the blade’s sharpness. If you find the meat clog and don’t come out precisely, it means you have to repeat the process once again.

Use a Sharpening Stone

meat grinder sharpening stone

meat grinder sharpening stone

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Using sharpening stone is another effective method to sharpen meat grinder blades. To enjoy the better result, use diamond stones as it is durable and resistant from oil and water. So using diamond stones will lower the hassle.

The procedure

You can use extra-fine gritstone instead of diamond stones to have a quality result. even a 600 gritstone will be good enough to offer a mirror polis on the meat grinder blade.
Now place the stone on the stable and flat surface and take your blade. Apply back and forth motion or a circular motion to sharpen the blades consistently. Keep sharpening the blade for 10 minutes or until you get the desired sharpness. If you find all the scratches are removed you can stop sharpening. Otherwise, continue sharpening the blade.

Use a Knife Sharpening System

To apply this method you will need two ceramic sharpening stones which size can go for all kinds of blades and plates. Even you can use different sizes as well.

The main process

Firstly soak the stones in the water for 5 minutes and lightly assemble the grinder using the stone. Now connect the ring and loosen it a little bit. Switch on the meat grinder for 3-5 seconds and power it off. Again repeat the process on both sides. Once finishing the method, polish the blades on cardboard to make it clean from the burr. Finally, your blade is ready for grinding meat and other food accurately.

A few smart tips to sharpen the meat grinder blades

Sharpen both sides of the meat grinder blades

Color the blades using a black marker to check the smoothness of the surface.

If the blades have any rust, carefully remove them by using elbow grease. Then clean the meat grinder blades.

If you have a commercial-grade meat grinder then it is advisable to take it to the professionals. Sharpening a commercial-grade meat grinder is risky and you could damage the meat grinder. So asking for experts’ help will be a smart decision though it cost some money.


Is it essential to sharpen meat grinder blades?

Sharpen the meat grinder blades regularly is necessary for enjoying a delicious meal. It’s a vital maintenance tip to keep the blade long-lasting. Besides sharpening the blade more often will ensure precise meat grinding without any hassle.

Why meat grinders are clog?

The meat grinder may clog due to sinew and fat accretion. However most meat grinders don’t clog, but few can clog. If you find the meat grinder clogging regularly, then disable its blade and plates and wash them properly. Moreover cleaning the components is a good idea if you experience any sluggishness in the grinding process.

When should I change the meat grinder blade?

If you find the meat grinder doesn’t work with consistency then sharpening will be a good solution. If its beveled edge is worn away then it is better to replace the meat grinder blades.

Final words

The meat grinder blade is the busiest part that directly contacts with eat and other food, lose its sharpness often. But once you have learned how to sharpen the meat grinder, it won’t be a big issue for you. Exclusively we have offered 3 different and user-friend methods to handle the task. So choose the most suitable method and enjoy precise grinding meat regularly.

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