How To Use A Meat Grinder

Planning for a meat grinder but don’t know how to use a meat grinder or don’t know what to do with a meat grinder? You are one of them who have these similar questions on your mind then keep read this guide. Today we will briefly discuss on meat grinder how to use it, or how to make it to ensure proper use and several relevant topics. So let’s break it down and find a way to enjoy tasty and delicious meat

How to use a meat grinder

To be honest there is nothing much to do when it comes to use a meat grinder. Al you have to do is assemble the grinder with your desire plate. Then feed the meat into the hopper, simply turn on the grinder (if you are using a grinder on a stand mixer attachment, then you run it fast speed. Usually 6 to 8 on the KitchenAid to help get the best result), and finally press the meat through. That’s all!

However, you should keep in mind some following things

Keep everything cold

It’s a crucial thing to do while you are grinding. Naturally, Warm meat will spread while fat will leak out. At the same time, it will appear with a cooked texture alike to that of paper-mâché. Then you have to Place the grinder as well as other parts in the freezer for up to one hour before using it again. Even it will be better if you keep it all the time in the freezer rather than leave it unnecessary. Until you’re ready to grind, keep all the meat well chilled right up.

If you want to make a sausage that needs lots of grinds, then grind the meat into a bowl located in another bowl that is previously filled with ice. The process will help keep it chilled throughout.

Trim your meat well

Smearing is a common issue caused by bits of sinew. It will be better to end up smooshing meat through the holes on the plate rather than chopping it. It will provide you chewed-up texture. On the other hand, trimming meat can effectively prevent this.

Watch for smearing

Pay attention to the meats while it comes out from the grinder. Usually, it will arrive from every hole being separate little pieces. It should be easy to identify meat and fat. if you find it coming out as one mass and seeming wets and gathers on the surface of the die then it affected by any causes. If you have a grinder that includes the reverse function, then apply it and see if it gets fixed automatically. If it’s not, then you have to disassemble the grinder machine and clean the blade. After assembling the machine, let’s start it over.

Keep your blade sharp

The blade is the most crucial part of the grinder that needs much attention. A dull blade uses to smear meat. Fortunately, the plate and blade offer to improve performance day by day when you use them constantly. However, the metal grinds down slowly every time you use it. So make sure the contact between the plate and blade remains tighter and tighter.

Thus you will have the smoothest grinder all the time. On the other hand, if you find the blade gotten way too dull, then you should make resharpened it, however, it will happen occasionally. One in a year modifying a meat grinder is well enough. Even you can buy some replacement blades, though it will cost a few bucks.

Keep your plate clean

How To Use A Meat Grinder2

If the meat dry or stick to the blade it can cause you ill. So you should ensure clean and well wash parts of the grinder. On the other hand, there is some stainless steel model that includes the plate made of different die-cast material. It can stain if you fix it in the dishwasher. The best way to clean it is by using a hand with hot soapy water. Make it carefully and finally clean it using a towel.

Grind from large to small die

If you want extra-fine grind to prepare certain types of sausages then grind your meat twice. Then chill it again between batches. It will not only prevent smearing but provide you more even grind. Finally, you will have better-textured sausage.

Adding salt to the meat brings a vast impact on the finished texture. Even added before mixing and grinding, it dissolves slight protein. 

Lastly, before dissembling the grinder or move the bowl at all, apply a couple of wadded-up paper towels through the grinder same as grinding meat. However, they won’t appear but force the existing meat to release from the grinder device. At the same time, it will help clean the inside of the feed tube and shaft. Thus you will have long-lasting and better performing meant grinder.

Final words

Hope you won’t ask anyone again how to use a meat grinder after finding massive information on it. We have produced plenty of crucial tips that will not only help you use the meat grinder but ensure a clean and fresh machine for a long. As a result, you will have a quality servicing grinder machine that will be worthy of investment. Finally, follow the mentioned instruction properly and enjoy delicious meat every time you want.

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