How To Clean The Meat Grinder- Step By Step

Cleaning a meat grinder is a regular maintenance task that ensures healthy grinding meat.  But it can be unsuccessful or even cause an accident if you apply the wrong way to clean the meat. Thus learning how to clean a meat grinder is essential to complete the task properly and safely. 

Throughout the article, we have explained the easier and safer meat grinder cleaning process. At the same time, the reader will learn, some effective meat grinder storing and maintenance tips for having improved performance.

How to clean the meat grinder- step by step

How To Clean The Meat Grinder- Step By Step

Clean the meat grinder instantly

You should clean the meat grinder straightway after grinding meat. Otherwise, meat residue will stick to the grinder and make the cleaning task difficult. Cleaning a meat grinder frequently may feel tedious, but exclusively effective for maintaining the grinder properly. 

Run bread through the grinder

Start with running some slices of bread through the grinder. It may feel odd but doing so will soak up the oil and grease left by grinding meat. 

Dissanble the grinder

After that, take the part of the grinder apart. Firstly remove the meat tray, feed tube, and then hopper. Secondly, remove the blade and cutting plates. Lastly, remove the metal cover from where the ground meat comes out. Wash the entire metal part even if you don’t find any dirty. Without a proper clean, these metal parts can quickly effect by bacteria.

Soak the parts in soapy water

Now soak all the metal parts including the feed tube, meat tray, blade using soapy water. It will help remove the meats bits. Make the soapy water using warm water, a few drops of dish detergent/ a teaspoon of baking soda. Sit all the parts in the water for about 15 minutes to unstuck any raw meat and clean the parts properly. Not only that, but it will also clean the food stain and keep the part from causing discoloration.

Handwash all the grinder parts

Then, handwash all the parts separately. You can use a sponge to scrub the metal parts to remove the raw meat completely. Carefully clean the blades to complete the task without getting hurt. Also gently clean the parts of the grinder otherwise they can lose the coating and don’t. don’t complete this step quickly as it is a vital part of cleaning a meat grinder. 

Clean both sides of the grinder

 Use a bottle brush to clean both inside and outside of the grinder and remove the stuck meat effectively. While cleaning, reach every cranny and nook to ensure proper cleanliness. But don’t wet the motorized parts if it is an electric meat grinder to prevent a short circuit. You can use a damp kitchen cloth to clean the outside of the meat grinder.

Dry everything

 Don’t dare to reassemble the meat grinder with wet parts. You can either use a dishtowel to dry them or let them on a wire rack to air dry. Make sure all the parts are dry from the inside before putting them together. Usually, a meat grinder doesn’t like moisture as it quickly causes rust and standing water can also cause oxidize to the grinder.

How to store the meat grinder properly

Lubricate the Parts

Buy some food-grade mineral oil and a spray bottle.  Put the mineral oil into the bottle and spray all the non-electric meat grinder metal parts. Doing so will prevent the rust build up even if you store the grinder for a long time.

Separately Store the Parts 

After lubricating all the grinder parts, store them separately in a different bag. Following the way will keep the grinder parts from unnecessary damage. Even you can store some right in those bags to absorb the moisture.

Keep the Parts in a Cool Place

Keeping the disassembled meat grinder parts in a cool place like freeze will improve the performance. If the freeze doesn’t have enough space, store the grinder parts in a dry place in the home.

Tips for maintaining the meat grinder in ideal shape 

Grind the cold meat

Put the grinder’s parts and meat in a baking tray in the freezer for around two hours to cold them before use. Otherwise grinding warm meat may not go through the grinder and may lose shape more easily. 

Avoid grinding sinew

Sinew is a bit fibrous to cook properly for starters and can be stuck in the grinder’s blade which can end up making a big mess. Better if you save these bits of meat for a slow cooker recipe. 

Keep the blade sharp

Keeping the meat grinder blade sharp is an effective way to maintain the right shape of the meat grinder. Rather than cutting through the meat, a dull blade can smear the meat. Either you can learn how to sharpen meat grinder blades or get professional help to complete the task. 

Keep the parts out of the dishwasher

 Finally, keep all the grinder parts away from the dishwasher even if the manufacturer claims it is dishwasher-safe. Dishwasher soap can lead to rusting and oxidization as it is abrasive for metal parts.


How to clean an old metal meat grinder?

Following the followers will effectively help you clean an old metal meat grinder: firstly dissemble the meat grinder parts, soak them into the soapy water and brush all the parts. You can add some baking soda to remove the stocking meat. Then cover the disk with oil and re-wash. Finally rinse, dry, and reassemble all the grinder parts.

How to unclog a meat grinder?

Start with freezing the meat and then cut it on a band-saw into cubes. Then, mince the meat to get the better result. Following the way will let the meat pass through the mincers easily without causing constant clogging. 

How to remove oxidation from a meat grinder?

Mix some baking soda with hot water following a 2:1 ratio. Using baking powder will remove acidic residues from the meat grinder. Then rinse the grinder parts thoroughly and cover the rust holes applying some coconut oil.

Final words

Undoubtedly meat grinder is a handy appliance for any kitchen to prepare delicious meat recipes. But keeping the meat grinder clean is vital for both having the healthy grinding meat and prolong the grinder’s lifespan. Throughout the guide, we have discussed how to clean a meat grinder step by step so you can follow the process effortlessly. Despite we have offered some essential tips for maintaining and storing a meat grinder properly to make the investment worthwhile.

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