Manual vs Electric Meat Grinder

Planning to upgrade your kitchen with a meat grinder? Good idea! But do you know which one is better manual vs electric meat grinder? However both are used to grind meat, but there are clear differences between these two types. Besides choosing the wrong meat grinder will ruin all your investment.

That’s why we come out with this debate with covering a whole lot of information from feature to advantage and disadvantage. The main intention is to help you choose the right grinder considering your requirements and preference. So let’s read on!

Manual vs Electric Meat Grinder

Feeling confused about which meat grinder is more acceptable? To be honest both have unique uses and offer reliable service to grind the meat.  A manual grinder is grinding small bites more precisely. So the people grinding meat occasionally should use a manual grinder.

Conversely, an electric meat grinder is more appropriate for large batch meat grinding. if a chef needs to grind meat more often should go for electric grinders. Even the people want to have grinding meat without much effort, choosing an electric meat grinder will be a decent idea for them.

While both home appliances offer great grinding performance, one can choose based on personal preferences. Considering the purpose and upgrade the kitchen, making the worth decision is important.

Each type of meat grinder covers advantages and downside because of its design and construction.

In the next section, we will compare the manual vs electrical meat grinder in their features, advantages, and disadvantage. So the visitor can discover the clear difference between these two types of a meat grinder.

Manual Meat Grinders Features

Manual vs Electric Meat Grinder

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Simple Design

Come with a simple design, manual meat grinder allow to assembly and use the appliance easily and conveniently. It doesn’t have any complicated features and the chef can use it without previous experience.

Small in Size

Available at compact design, this meat grinder can be stored easily in the kitchen. Thus this manual meat grinder is an ideal choice for small kitchens with limited space. Most of the small kitchens are lightweight than electric.

Easy to Clean

It’s a simple task to clean a manual meat grinder since anyone can easily disassemble their parts. Cleaning with warm water is mostly recommended if anyone wants to reuse it without bacteria.

Ease of Repairs

If somehow it breaks down, still doesn’t need to be a worry. The simple issue can be fixed in-home and most of the parts are available locally.


It doesn’t need any power cord comparing electric meat grinders. So it can move whatever the chef wants and grind meat without electricity.

Benefits of Manual Meat Grinders

  • Affordability – don’t cost more than electric meat grinders
  • Compact design – construct with a compact design which makes it more appropriate for small kitchens with tight storage
  • Highly Durable – Manual meat grinders construct with metal which promises long-lasting service
  • Cuts added costs –it needs to use the hand crank to grind the meat, so it doesn’t cost any extra money like electricity bills. Moreover, it doesn’t need to replace damaged cable while manual meat grinder doesn’t use it.
  • Perfect home use – manual meat grinder is an ideal option for a home that doesn’t need to grind meat regularly.

The drawback of Manual Meat Grinders

  • Tiresome – it needs a lot of physical effort to rotate the crank by hand. Even if you had to grind more meat it will feel like a muscle workout.
  • Countertop edge – some manual grinders need a special surface to clamp it. While most of the kitchen surfaces made with thick edges it can be made hard to use a manual meat grinder.
  • Safety Concerns – using a manual meat grinder allows exposing the meat for longer which may cause bacteria.
  • Uniformity – the chef won’t have uniform cuts because of the variations in power.
  • Not for commercial use– a place like Hotels and restaurants need more grinding meat within a short time. Since a manual meat grinder causes a longer time to grind meat, it won’t be an ideal option for commercial use.

Electric Meat Grinders Features

Manual vs Electric Meat Grinder

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With a variety of blades, an electric meat grinder is available in different sizes and shapes. So using an electric meat grinder the user will have faster with a consistent outcome of slices.


An electric meat grinder is heavier than manual grinders since the motor adds extra weight. A heavy base also ensures a stable operation. Extra attachments are to include to not only offer increase performance but also better stability.

Grinding Capacity

Electric meat grinder offers a large amount of grinding meat within a short time. So if you need a grinder for commercial use or to grind large meat, an electric meat grinder will be the right decision.

Powerful Motor

The best electric meat grinder comes with a powerful motor to allow grinding any type of raw meat.

Advanced Designs

An electric meat grinder covers plenty of advanced features including stainless steel blades, a food pusher, sausage horn, even a recipe book. Thus it makes the grinding job more convenient.

Power cords

It needs an electrical cable to get power. A long power cord offers better accessibility.

Benefits of Electric Meat Grinders

  • Easy to Use – it’s extremely easy to use an electric meat grinder. All it is need to fit the meat and switch on the grinder.
  • Fast and Reliable – after pouring on the feeding shuttle, the rest of the work is done by the grinder quickly. Besides, it needs less assembling comparing manual grinders.
  • Safety & hygienic – it’s don’t need any physical touch and the electric meat grinder doesn’t allow exposure for longer. So it helps keep the meat from harmful elements.
  • Powerful – electric meat grinder design with powerful motor and different settings to allow adjusting in different speed based on meat type.
  • Grinds huge amounts of meat – electric meat grinder is the right appliance to grind large amounts of meat within a short time.

The downside of Electric Meat Grinders

  • More expensive – since the electric meat grinder offers plenty of features and is made of advanced technology, naturally it cost more. Even the cost is increased because of the maintenance, and replacement.
  • Electricity – electric meat grinder is mainly dependent on electricity to run on. Thus it will increase the electricity bill.
  • Portability – this type of meat grinder doesn’t allow to move anywhere since it needs to connect with the power source.

Bottom Line- which one to choose?

So which is better manual vs electric meat grinder? Truthfully, both of the meat grinders are great and reliable kitchen appliances. Choosing one is dependent on the user’s requirement, ability, budget, and preference.

Considering the performance, the electric meat grinder will stay at the top due to its powerful motor and advance technology. Conversely, a manual grinder is better for occasionally use and grind a small batch of meat.

If you need a hassle-free and ease of use meat grinder, the electric meat grinder will be a decent option. It’s don’t require human energy and much maintenance.

However it cost more, but if you don’t find the product beneficial, it won’t be a worthy investment.

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