What does the number on the meat grinder mean

Due to the blessing of modern technology meat grinders are available in different numbers and shapes. But if you don’t know what do the numbers on meat grinders mean, you won’t get the desired result in your kitchen. Even you may find it useless for your certain requirements.
So before planning for a meat grinder, it is important to do some research on that to ensure the most preferable one for a specific purpose.
Luckily our expert team gathers full information on the number of a meat grinder as well as some relevant info so you can make the final call confidently.

What is a meat grinder? What does the number on the meat grinder mean?

A meat grinder is an electric machine that can grind the meat properly. Especially it’s a vital kitchen appliance that let prepare the meat-related recipe efficiently.

Meat grinder numbers:

The meat grinder comes with a different number. So while buying it, people get confused about who does the number on meat grinders means? There are several types of meat grinder out there. The size of a meat grinder measured considering the size of grinder plates. That number you find on a meat grinder indicates the expanse of the plate of the meat grinder.
So having a clear idea of the number of meat grinders is important to ensure appreciated size grinding meats.
Moreover realizing the number of a meat grinder is crucial for new users to grind the meat properly.

Let’s have a look at some common size of a different part of the meat grinder

Grinder Size





Diameter of





Cutting Blade Hole Size





Meat grinder head size:
The head size of the meat grinder is varied depend on the type of meat grinder whether it is for home, industry, or restaurants. A large grinder comes with a larger feeding tube comparing a smaller grinder.

Let’s discuss the number of the meat grinder in deeply

10 and 12 number meat grinder

The #10 and #12 number meat grinder comes in the same diameter. Similarly, #20 and #22 got the same diameter. If you need something for home use you should go for a smaller plate. Moreover, if you don’t need to buy a grinder that doesn’t have a number indication, still you can choose from small, medium, and large.

Number 5 meat grinder

The biggest downside of this number meat grinder is you will need to cut the meat into small pieces to fit through the feeding tube. On the other hand, this meat grinder will let you grind chicken skin without issue.
If you need to prepare 5 lb batches of sausage, opt for this number. The people who want to grind double should also pick this one.

Number 8 meat grinder

The key difference between the #5 and #8 number meat grinder is the horsepower and size. This meat grinder will let you grind 5-10 lb within a short time. Even you can double grind the meat, but you will have to put the grinding meat back into the fridge to firm up, then you can grind a second time.

Number 10 meat grinder

This plate is mostly ideal for grind large meat ups to 25lbs. this number meat grinder is quite larger for home use. Only you can consider this meat grinder for the house if you regularly do a party with lots of friends.

Number 32 meat grinder:

It’s a usual hand grinder and useful tools for chopping or grinding meat. This Number 32 meat grinder covers the following special features:
It has two knives to chop
Meat pusher exist
Super grinding plate exist
Stainless steel blade
It has a stuffing tube

12 vs 22 meat grinder:

There are some clear differences between 12 and 22 number meat grinder. 22 number Meatgrinder is larger than 12. Even it got all the larger parts including plate, blade, and head. Besides, you won’t need to cut the meat into a small piece if you have a 22 meat grinder in your kitchen.

What meat grinder plate sizes should I choose?

The plate size depends on individual preference and requirements. In short, if you need to grind meat for your large family then chooses a large size, otherwise, smaller size is enough.
Usually smaller size grind meat is ideal for most of the family since it offers a good result. 3/16″, 1/4″, and ⅛” plate size will be perfect for home use. These sizes will help you prepare hamburgers, hot dogs, or different junk food items.

Crucial issue about Meat grinder plates:

A meat grinder with quality plates is essential to blend the meat smoothly. Most of the grinder plates are made of stainless steel and 3/16″ is the ideal size of meat grinder plates as it allows grinding meat more accurately.
But a low-cost or poor quality meat grinder won’t offer you a groove result so go for something branded.
Even you can add plates with the meat grinder for a better result for a long. Most importantly it will let you change the blade to clean it without disturbing the grinding process.
Universal number 2 meat grinder:
Universal number 2 meat grinder covers some special features including high-quality stainless steel. To grind the meet more accurately and smoothly you won’t find something better than this universal number 2 meat grinder.

What size grinder plate is ideal for a hamburger?

The proper size of the plate of meat grinder for sausages or hamburger is 5″, 8″, 12″, 15″ and 22″. However, the proper hamburger or sausages also depends on how properly you grind the meat.

Final words

Before buying a meat grinder hope you don’t need to ask again what do the number on meat grinders mean. In this guide, we have covered a whole lot of information subject top number that you put you into a confusing situation. So while planning a meat grinder for home or commercial use keep these instructions in mind and make a worth buy.

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